Degree Requirements

Doctor of Physical Therapy

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program provides opportunities for students to learn the application of basic science principles to physical therapy practice. The practice of physical therapy includes delivery of clinical physical therapy services, consumer education on wellness, research, and management.

The graduate may apply for licensure or registration to the state in which he or she will be working. The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

Degree Requirements

This is an accredited 3-year full-time program beginning each summer session. Successful completion of 96 credit hours of studies is required. Courses in this program are advanced and include exercise physiology, orthopedic medicine, clinical science, and clinical procedures. In addition, the student must complete 38 weeks of participation in clinical internships, a comprehensive examination, and a research practicum. To view the full curriculum and degree requirements, please visit the program's website.


First Year, Summer Session (8 credit hours)

PTRS 701 Professional Interactions 1

*PTRS 703 Physical Therapy Tests and Measures 2
*PTRS 710 Advanced Human Anatomy 6
First Year, Fall Semester (16 credit hours)   First Year, Spring Semester (15 credit hours)  
PTRS 702 Physical Therapy Documentation 1
PTRS 705 Physical Therapy Interventions II 3
*PTRS 704 Physical Therapy Interventions I 3 *PTRS 745 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I 4
*PTRS 711 Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics 4 *PTRS 746 Orthopedic Medicine 3
PTRS 882 Pathophysiology and Clinical Screening of General Medical Conditions 6 PTRS 750 Research in Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Practice 3
PTRS 720 Clinical Education I (4 weeks at end of semester) 2 PTRS 730 Clinical Education II (4 weeks at end of semester) 2
Second Year, Fall Semester (13 credit hours)
 Second Year, Spring Semester (13 credit hours)
*PTRS 825 Exercise Physiology 3
*PTRS 826 Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy 4
*PTRS 845 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II 4
*PTRS 846 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy III 3
PTRS 850 Neuroscience 4
PTRS 851 Control of Human Movement 2
PTRS 855 Pharmacology for Physical Therapists
PTRS 877 Administration in Physical Therapy 2
PTRS 834 Management in Patient Care 1
PTRS 830 Clinical Education III (6 weeks — semester start) 3
Third Year, Summer Session (8 credit hours)      
PTRS 832 Health Promotion Through the Life Span 2    
*PTRS 852 Neurologic Physical Therapy I 4    
**PTRS 860 Evidence-Based Research Practicum I
Third Year, Fall Semester (13 credit hours)
Third Year, Spring Semester (9 credit hours)
*PTRS 833 Pediatric Physical Therapy 3
PTRS 923 Clinical Education V (9-week internship) 4.5
*PTRS 853 Neurologic Physical Therapy II 4  PTRS 924 Clinical Education VI (9-week internship)  4.5
**PTRS 861 Evidence-Based Research Practicum II
PTRS 870 Complex Patient Management 2    
PTRS 840Clinical Education IV (6 weeks — semester start) 3    

*Lab-based course

**Course offered additional semesters

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