Degree Requirements

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration degree program meets the educational needs of persons seeking positions with managerial responsibilities in both the public and the private sectors. KU’s program emphasizes broad concepts of business administration but provides options for graduate certificates in specific areas of business management.

KU offers two MBA programs: one for full-time students, who take their courses on the Lawrence campus, and one for working professional students, who take courses in the evenings at the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park. The two versions of the program are tailored to meet the different needs of students. Full-time students typically are committed to a career change. The evening professional students generally seek to enhance their career paths while remaining employed.

Full-Time MBA Degree Program

The full-time MBA program features an emphasis on cohort learning. The community building begins with orientation and is integrated throughout the program. The full-time MBA program in Lawrence requires 50 credit hours over 16 months. An optional fourth semester is offered. Students are admitted to the program only once a year in the fall semester. Requirements are designed for a person holding a baccalaureate degree in any field, with no specific course requirements in business and related areas.

The 50 hours in the MBA program consist of 31 credit hours in ten core classes, seven credit hours of application classes, and 12 credit hours of specialized track classes. Prior to the beginning of the second semester, students must select a track program in either Finance or Marketing/Supply Chain Management.

MBA Degree Requirements

The required classes for the first fall semester are:


DSCI 810 Statistics and Decision Tools 3
MGMT 810 Managing People 3
ACCT 810 Accounting and Financial Management 4
MKTG 810 Marketing Management 3
BE 810 Managerial Economics 3


BUS 810 Enrichment Activity 1
BUS 801 Professional Skills Development 0.5

In the second semester the required classes are:


FIN 820 Macroeconomics and Financial Markets 3
SCM 820 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3
IBUS 820 International Business 3
MGMT 820 Business Law and Ethics 3


BUS 810 Enrichment Activity 1
BUS 801 Professional Skills Development 0.5

Track Choice

MSCM 820 Marketing Intelligence or FIN 821 Business Investment and Valuation 3

During the summer semester, students must enroll in an internship program.

BUS 825 Internship Program 3

In the third (fall) semester students have one core class, an application class and three track classes. They are:


MGMT 830 Global Strategic Management 3


MGMT 831 Consulting (3) or ENTR 830 New Venture Practicum 3

Track Choice

MSCM 830 Understanding Customers or FIN 832 Derivatives and Risk Management 3
MSCM 831 Distribution Channels & Global Operations or FIN 830 Investments 3
MSCM 832 Marketing Services and Managing Customer Relationships or FIN 831 Financing Business Growth 3

Working Professional MBA Degree Program

KU Edwards Campus

The Working Professional MBA program in Kansas City is located at 12600 Quivira Rd., Overland Park. The Working Professional MBA program at the KU Edwards Campus requires a total of 42 credit hours. The hours are allocated as follows: 24 hours of 12 two credit hour core classes, 8 hours of advanced core classes, and one completed certificate program or other electives to total 42 credit hours.

MBA Degree Requirements

A total of 42 hours is required, consisting of 24 hours of 12 2-credit hour core classes, 8 hours of advanced core classes, and 1 completed certificate program or other electives to total 42 credit hours.

Required Core Classes

All students are required to complete the following 12 core classes:

  • ACCT 701 Financial Accounting (2)
  • DSCI 701 Statistical Decision Making (2)
  • MGMT 701 Organizational Behavior (2)
  • FIN 701 Financial Management (2)
  • BLAW 701 Introduction to the Legal Environment of Business (2)
  • IST 701 Managerial Information Systems (2)
  • MKTG 701 Marketing Management (2)
  • BE 701 Business Economics (2)
  • SCM 701 Introduction to Supply Chain Management (2)
  • MGMT 807 Ethical Decision Making in Business (2)
  • IBUS 701 International Business (2)
  • MGMT 704 Strategic Management (2)

Required Advanced Core Classes

Each student must choose from one of three areas: Finance, Management, or Marketing.

Finance Advanced Core:

Management Advanced Core:

  • MGMT 710 Leadership Philosophy and Practice (2)
  • MGMT 711 Human Resources Management (2)
  • MGMT 712 Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability in Business (2)
  • MGMT 713 Managing People: Application and Skills (2)

Marketing Advanced Core:

  • MKTG 714 Discovering and Evaluating New Product Opportunities (2)
  • MKTG 715 Consumer Behavior (2)
  • MKTG 716 Global Marketing (2)
  • MKTG 717 Integrated Marketing Communications (2)

Certificate Programs

  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business Management
  • Investments
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Valuation

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