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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design

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The Department of Design offers the B.F.A. in design with concentrations in

  • Industrial Design,
  • Interior Design,
  • Photo Media,
  • Visual Communication in Graphic Design, and
  • Visual Communication in Illustration.

Specific program requirements range from 124 to 128 credit hours and normally can be completed in 8 semesters (4 years).

Requirements for Graduation

Degrees from the Department of Design and the School of Architecture, Design and Planning are conferred on candidates who have satisfactorily completed the necessary course requirements.

45 credit hours must be in junior/senior-level courses, numbered 300 and above. A 2.0 grade-point average, both cumulative and in KU courses, is required for graduation. Art appreciation courses are not accepted toward art history requirements for students majoring in any field of design.

A student may not take more than 6 hours from any one faculty member in any one semester except with the consent of the chair.


At least 9 hours of English composition and literature, consisting of ENGL 101, ENGL 102, and one course from ENGL 203, ENGL 209, ENGL 210, or ENGL 211, are required of all design students. Some areas may require additional course work in English. Students must enroll continuously in ENGL 101 or ENGL 102, as appropriate, until completed. When the requirement is reduced, students must substitute these hours in liberal arts electives.

Remedial Courses

Remedial courses listed in the catalog and Schedule of Classes are numbered below 100. Such courses include, but are not limited to, ENGL 050 and MATH 002. Such courses do not count toward graduation in design and may not be counted as distribution courses.

First-Year Preparation: Basic Design Studies

A minimum of 10 hours in Basic Design Studies courses is required before a student may enter a major program in the sophomore year. The 10 hours are composed of Design Thinking and Making I and II (BDS) studios. These specified prerequisites must be completed before enrollment in advanced design studio courses.

The typical first year enrollment below should be followed for two semesters, unless specific requirements for a degree program are different (15 hours each semester):

Basic Design Studies (BDS 101, BDS 102) 10
Hallmark Symposium (ADS 520) 2
English (ENGL 101, ENGL 102) 6
History of art (HA 100), history of art elective 6
Liberal arts required electives 6

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements

All design majors must take at least the following courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

Concentration-specific CLAS requirements are listed with the course work in more detail.